640 farmers in Enugu benefit from FADAMA rice financing

ENUGU—About 640 rice farmers in Enugu State have benefited from FADAMA 3,additional financing for Enugu State aimed at scaling up the production of staple food items in the country.


                          RICE FARM

The Federal Government had in 2013 through its Agricultural transformation agenda,moved to stop the importation of staple food items like ;rice, sorghum, tomatoes among others which is responsible for capital flight and depletion of the foreign reserve.

Coordinator,Enugu State FADAMA,Ike Ogboke, revealed that it convened a disbursement meeting with rice farmers to inform them of the fifty percent support on inputs and eight percent support on cost of assets available to them through their appointed service providers.

Ogboke said, ”Federal Government had in 2013 as part of its agricultural transformation agenda,moved to scale up production of staple food items and stop their importation. The disbursement meeting with farmers was to inform them that we will support them with fifty percent of the inputs and eight percent of cost of assets which includes;water pumps ,trans-planters,barrows and irrigation equipment among others."

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