Hacked Wi-Fi Software Is Available for Purchase on the Dark Web

Using black markets like AlphaBay and the Silk Road 3 is nothing new. The layouts of the websites are even similar to Amazon or EBay. For example, on AlphaBay you can find the list of categories: fraud, drugs & chemicals, guides & tutorials, counterfeit items, digital products, jewels & gold, weapons, carded items, services, other listings, software & malware, and security & hosting.
It’s unsettling knowing that these items are available with a bit of hard work. One AlphaBay user in particular, KingCarder, has made a name for himself on the dark net selling hacked Wi-Fi crackers. Even more unsettling is that KingCarder included a video tutorial in the purchase for the newbie criminals. Over the course of the last year and a half, KingCarder has sold over 1000 copies of his product on AlphaBay.
The description of his software claims:
“WIFI AUTOMATED CRACKER + VIDEO TUTORIAL = FREE INTERNET 4 LIFE. You will get BT5R3 OS and an automated internet cracking software, which you drag and drop or write name in Backtrack Terminal (Console), select any target near you, or all of them, and the program will stack cracking passwords and show them in the console. You will have a video tutorial to do this very easy procedure.”

With worldwide shipments and positive feedback, it’s no wonder KingCarder’s illegal business has been a success. This anonymous user isn’t the only one reaping the benefits of the online black market; thousands of users offer similar services and products. This includes drugs bigger than your run of the mill street dealer – like fentanyl and morphine.
Not to mention the weapons. Knowing any kid has the opportunity to do a bit of research and obtain a weapon illegally is unsettling. It’s also no surprise considering the amount of shootings in the last year.
Although the dark net claims to be secure by using payment methods like Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can never be too safe. Hackers know no boundaries, and that includes illegal marketplaces.

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