Student hacked the university computer server to change his failing grade

An engineering student (22-year-old) from the University of Central Florida in Orlando broke into its grading system (server), editing one of his degrees in a class from an “F” to a “B”, is in legal trouble.
Police at the University of Central Florida arrested the student on Wednesday, indicted of hacking into a school computer and changing his grade in an engineering class. Now Sami Adel Ammar (the hacker) faces a felony charge of accessing a computer electronic device with knowledge that such action is unauthorized.
After the professor was informed to the alleged tampering, he discovered that Sami Adel Ammar’s degree had been improved from an “F” to a “B.” The professor told police that the student’s name stood out because Ammar had only completed one homework the whole semester and that homework wasn’t for a degree, but probably to prove he was registered in the class for financial aid.
The professor told the incident to campus police who upon investigation noticed an IP address of the computer server that was hacked by Ammar to improve his degrees inside the Mathematical Sciences Building staff, room 306. They evaluated security camera footage and noticed Ammar and another student, Samuel Williams, enter the room.
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