On The Trek By: Oloruntade Ganiu Intellect

I woke up that morning with a heart full of hope. I believed that day had a lot of good stock for me. First, I prayed to God to 'bless my hustle' (a popular slang among Lagos boys).

I had a hurried bath and put on my best clothes; a  light blue shirt with a Royal blue tie to match and my black trousers. My shoes though old, was shining because I had polished it well. I appeared apparently like a real gentleman. You're good to go, man. I said that to myself.

The struggle began as I had to board a 'Danfo' bus to my destination. A large number of people were waiting at the bus stop hoping to get a bus in due time. I joined the league of anxious commuters. A bus came and everyone was in haste to get in; I had no option than to rush.

"Oga, stop pushing me!" A middle aged young man yelled at me. I simply pleaded with him. My shoes were now stained as a result of the unplanned stampede that occurred. Thank goodness, I finally entered the bus.

I pondered about my life experience. I had lost my parents at a tender age and was left in care of a drunkard Uncle who showed me no affection. I remembered how I was maltreated by his 'Jezebel' wife; the woman is a devil. I wasn't sent to school so I had to  take up petty jobs to sponsor my education.

I wasn't a dullard in school and won several scholarships which lessen my burden. I graduated with a Second Class (Upper Division); a feat my hard work earned me.

That morning, I was to go for an interview. I looked forward to getting that job. Life has indeed been a lesson to me; a blend of shackles and liberation.

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