The X confusion by Tinu Ade

There comes a time in life that you get torn between the Expectations of others for you and the ones you have for yourself.

There's this fear of letting your loved ones down that you battle with everyday.  Am I good enough? Can I do this?

Image result for confusion imagesSometimes you even wonder what Exactly it is they see cause you don't see it.  You come from a poor background and you are sent to the University to get a degree, secure a good job and relieve your parents from their burdens. 

Even as a student, the Expectations are high. The need to excel, discard distractions, maintain your cool and represent your family well. And once you reach that heights, the Expectations becomes higher. You can't afford to make mistakes. No, there's no room for such. 

But inside of you there's the yearning to be normal. To have to make mistakes without anyone thinking that you are incapable. Inside of you you sincerely search for Acceptance at least once in a while.


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