EMANATE - By Penner Adedoyin Paul

With a going concern , it is odd in nature for a human not to produce, mostly the youth of this time.

Producing is not about giving birth to young ones all alone but how efficacious you are to your generation.

To Emanate is the act of producing or showing  what you have exploring what you have or what you want to give(GIVERS NEVER LACK).
As human, it is very eminent for us to issue from something even  we shouldn't think about our background... , you don't need to look at your past before showing or issuing something great to people. You just have to create the mind set of I CAN DO IT THROUGH CHRIST THAT STRENGTHENS ME.

Emanating serves as what you produce to people, what becomes of the people and what makes a sole individual tolerable to people.
See, it is not how far you can speak or being intellectually sound, it all depends on your passion, goal and action.
Be optimistic to give impact to people, to prevent  departure of people. If you make impact or influence positively, you'll serve as a blessing to people and you will be remembered for good like a good writer CHINUA ACHEBE. He is well known due to his mode of writing and how he solves problems through is writing. Talent, passion, goal and his action.

You can also emanate through your field and hobbies ( what you love doing most) e.g, giving advice...anything you can do the most.

What you put in(INPUT) today's work will determine your output by tomorrow, therefore, you need to think aloud, you need to think big.
Make your thinking right for it to be thick and solid to lay great foundation.

And who said it is too late?
It never late to start emanating positively .

Take steps to impact people through what you do, your Impact will inspire them and you'll be known for good.

The Generation await you!!!


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