For the fact that this nation had a past doesn't  stop this nation for better  growth which has been discovered times without number.

The prodigal son later knew what is right and he returned to his father after knowing his mistakes due  to  this the latter surpassed the former.
A country without emanating greater things should  check and balance the reason for such act and make a  rebirth for innovative and means' to elevate or boost or increase the standard of living.
Nigeria is a country blessed with milk and honey, a person that desire to juxtapose between countries knows fully well that Nigeria is one of the best among all. Nigeria is not  just an ordinary blessing but a country blessed with resources.
Accepting the non-fallacious believe that Nigeria is blessed with resources but the people in Nigeria are  not using the resources efficiently, thinking they are not capable due to lack of researches.
Gone are those days when Nigeria was in the promise land. However, Nigerians are blessed with potentials but they are yet to discover them.  Nigeria have fully gotten to the stage of parturition where the youth are ready to rule and drive the country to the promise land.
It high time we get to the promise land again for wonders,
We want a change not just a change but a positive change, we need to renew Nigeria for the betterment of all not few.
Youth are ready to call and create noble minds to doing the right things, also by joining hands together.
Let's come in love for peace and development of this great nation.

I Stand with the rebirth of this nation.


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