THE END - by Penner Paul Adedoyin

Walking on a path of life, looking forward to get to end of the journey which seems getting closer  every second, minute, and hour.
On the way getting there, obstacles had turned the right eye to the left and  the left to right which weaken the strength of the body , behold they were destroyed determinations

Walking through is a great experience of life. Sundry type of people will be discovered with their various habits which definitely leads to their character, thus, actions/acts which gives good memories when such are clothed in sands.
On the way to the end, the path of life is great experience for human to acknowledge; it is not a dream, it's reality.

Your youthful age is a great opportunity and a challenge to see what will become of you and how you'll overcome.
You try to do good, trying to satisfy people in your inconvenience but they will never be satisfied. Keep it up, do good because the end matters. People gossip about you for doing good but don't be depressed, keep pressing on. You've trusted people but they've failed you, don't get sad they are part of the challenges of life which will serve as a lesson to you. You see, often, we just hope and wish some things does not happen or they're needless if they happen but they will, you just have to brace yourself and confront some.

Once an opportunity is lost, it can never be regain, so don't waste your golden time on worries and anxieties. Your action and works today will definitely make tomorrow whole.
Make your thoughts right for your words to be seasoned, which will surely lead to an attractive action and an enviable character.
Great people never die despite the fact that they are buried, because their memories live on.

Great change starts from you, if you don't do something, nothing will be done...just start something.


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