It was already morning. She woke up and gash out, she drew the curtain to see the bright morning while she look through the window.
With a deep though in her mind , she decided to start up a business :so she could meet up with her needs and wants.
She prepare for the day as she freshen up.
On her way to class she met her friends , she discuss the business idea with her .
"Why will you start up a business at your age you are too young for that" said her friend.
She was depressed and sad ,Then she gave up all because she could not think well

FOUR YEAR LATER after school. She was serving as maid In a rich man house while her friend got married to a rich man

Are you willing to be successful?

Everybody wants to move ahead in one way or the other :but for a human to move forward in life :he or she must be ready to function by taking necessary actions.

Life in one way or the other is full of challenges.

In the surface of the earth :most living souls moves on it because they want to be successful , but few are ready to be successful.

There are several mistakes humans usually bring into action these days which is affecting most human not few.

Criticism is not a tool for depression but a tool to know your mistakes and work on it.
When you are been critized, you are stylishly been told to correct what you are  been critized on.
Criticism can serve as a correction for human not a set back.
Relaxing after been critised is not the best option to make you function .

Criticism should not be an excuse for your failure , don't allow critism weigh you down but it should make you wave the failure away.

Don't be depressed when you are been critized instead you appreciate them: because appreciation won't make you depreciate.
Always give a smile to the world !
Tell them you can do it!
Be happy!!!


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