GOOD BYE TO FAILURE. By Penner Adedoyin

When i was in the primary school, I have an older sister who was in ss1.
It is well known that English Language is a core subject in every classes.  My sister then, used a textbook called GOOD BYE TO FAILURE; I was like, what kind of book is this? I was thinking it's a literature book, not knowing it's  an English textbook.

I got to understand that one need to read the text book actively for improvement in English speaking and all sort.
My sister read this book from her ss1-ss3. When I moved to Junior Secondary School: I was thinking I would use it in my Junior Secondary School 1: because I can't wait to start using the textbook, in my jss1, my English was poor both in writing and speaking so to avoid embarrassment I resisted it. I started communicating in vernacular at home and in school
I speak English unusually or, I'll rather not talk.
As Time ticks away , I was promoted to jss2, this time I made up my mind to say goodbye to failure (bad English speaking) indeed.
I summoned my self to start speaking English even if there are blunders, I took the English text book (Good Bye To Failure):  I decided to get information from  it by reading it, I left my class' English textbook for my sister's own.
Lo and behold , I read it persistently(actively) but not just once and improvements were disclosed ....

And indeed I really said GOOD BYE TO FAILURE and I will continue to say it daily because there is power in daily prophesies; in your life, because you are the prophet of your self.....


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