You just have to know your needs not your want.

On her way back from  her new school, she made a list on what she will need to continue her advanced studies as requested by her father.

Very early in the morning, she was called by her father to list what she needs.
Personally for her, as a student, she ought to have  textbooks to read , note pad to jot , pen to write etc.Which are the necessary items she will need but she deviated from her needs to her want due to her lack of understanding of what academic entails.

to reply her father : She told her father, she needs money without specifically giving details of what she needs it for.

"Why money? " this is actually  what most people demand for when they are told to tell others what they need.
Ok!  Money is important  and it can  actually be the capital of a business ,but  it is not the material that you need. Money is different from material according to the four M's of business,
but  she did not note the real keys of her needs.
One of the strategy to determine how to reach your goals in life is knowing your needs not your want.
Now , don't be brain washed while trying to unravel your needs and wants.

What is want?
Wants are the things you wish to have .

What is need?

These are the paramount thing you ought to get.

Don't be deceive by your wish , don't allow your wish over shadow the essential things you ought to get.
On a long run for a man to succeed   academically, financially , spiritually; he must get understanding of what he needs not what he wants.

You can overshadow your wants through scale of preference. .It makes you realise the deed in your mind, which will allow you to  focus: to get your needs, and don't forget to pray to God because he is the extraordinary strategic councillor to direct you.



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