In the real sense of life, no one is born to be a loser only if you decide to be a loser, and not a winner.Moreover, no one is born to be an average person only if you want to.
Human should acknowledge the fact that no one is brought into this world as a mediocre.

Talking about *mediocrity*, it is a situation of been low or an average of  excellence which is not suppose to be academically , spiritually  and financially for student. A person who is  mediocre, needs to eliminate it away for the future is now.

Someone who want to tackle this as a student, must make up his or her mind, must be determined  and also devote his/her time by doing the right thing at the right time.   Remember time is money, for today struggle is tomorrow success. Knowing fully well that in the context of life, there is a paramount instrument that determines how far a person will go in life .

Moreso, Prayer is a powerful instrument everyone needs. It is necessary and important. If you don't pray you will be a prey. Pray without ceasing (1thess 5vs17)

  Reading is very important for students ....reading makes one successful, never make your book depart from you( Joshua 1vs8).Read and understand them to get wisdom because readers are leaders . You get information from reading which will not deform you.

Also have a good peer group that work in line with your goal *for iron sharpeneth iron*.
It is never  too late to change, for change is constant, make your delicacy well for it to be efficacious. ..

To the aspect of spirituality , one thing a person ought to know is that, been a spiritual person will not give you the pass to throw away your sense of belonging .
Spirituality don't kill instead it serves as a blessing .For you to avoid been a mediocre in the spiritual aspect, you need to ask for grace,not just asking for the grace, you need to have a faith when demanding for the grace . You can't just stay still and expect things to come , you must work for it. You need to observe the necessary activities by fasting and praying , reading the word of God . The word of God is not and never be a waste , it impact into ones life. Moreover you need to possess the fruit of the spirit
such as meekness, endurance , love and all sort.

  Finally , To the surface of finance .It high time we eradicate financial crisis in life.
Finance entails money, money entail finance. They are different but related .
Basically talking about finance , it is the activity of managing and providing money for different reasons while money from the extraction of finance serve as a tool of a business which is a means of exchange to influence .
We ough to know our needs and want , it is erroneous in nature to get your want and not your needs.

Want is insatiable which is unlimited , while needs is what is tangible to acquire at the right time which is limited. Before getting some certain things ask your self ."Do I really need what I want?" Which leads to 3 motives for holding money "precautionary,  transactionary and speculative  ".

∆Precautionary motive is the reason for some one to identify our needs not want , precautionary motive is when people demands for money in order to meet up with unforseen circumstances such as sickness , receiving an unexpected guest etc. Due to uncertainties in life people keep money against the future for no one knows tomorrow but be optimistic for tomorrow.  However , it very good for you to save .
Saving help you to avoid seeking for funds and it makes you safe to some extent.

∆Transactionary motive deals with the desire to hold money or keep money with you to run your day. It is important to hold money from your savings to identify your needs and want and also spend it  wisely.

∆Speculative motives is mostly for business concern. According to economist, in the real sense , it is for investment because you must sow before you reap,  also let have the heart of giving,  don't be a stingy person  for God loves the cheerful givers. Your reaction  provoke your actions .

Never paint your garden anyhow but paint it like the garden of Eden to attract people.


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