Is There Really Seniority In a University? By Penner Adedoyin ✒✒✒

The term University is derived from the word "Universe"  which is an intense form of world in the sense of perspective or social setting. It is a place where people come together to achieve a major aim which is to learn, not to claim seniority.
Here,  you don't seek for respect, you rather work towards deserving it.
Your behavior will determine people's reaction to you.
If you comport your self,  then, you deserve to be  respected.
University is meant for mature minds ,it is a home of freedom.

Do you know that your appearance can actually create respect for you? 
Your intellectual  competency can also maintain a prominent ground for you everywhere you go.

"Give honour unto those whom deserves it ." So says the bible.  Have you once asked yourself if you actually deserve the respect you are craving for?
Age is just a number in a university and not for claiming unnecessary things:because you are older than someone doesn't gives you superior right and authority over that person.
Learn to even respect your self and to respect your younger ones.
Not prying into people's affairs earns more respect than you can ever imagine.

University is not a field of competition but a  complement to your  desired dreams.

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