When God Is Silent - Penner Tosin

       The silence of God means Be Patient My Son Or Daughter i want to Bring The Best Out Of This Situation, but do you know what it takes a diligent and humble son to understand this.

Your relationship with God will determine if you will be patient or not.

Why is it that when God is silent you feel that He has Deserted you? The fact that you still have breath should make you think that there is till hope for you now. you feel that God has forgotten you in that situation that is why you are losing hope, you will now ask me that but a deferred hope makes the soul weary at least whenever I ask Him He will always say be patient? Ok he told apostle Paul that my Grace is sufficient for you and my strength is made perfect on your weakness, now instead of complaining why not ask Him for Grace and ask Him to renew your strength that is all o.

Whenever God is silent you doubt maybe my challenge is bigger than God STOP THAT JOOR THAT IS A NEGATIVE MIND SET.
Then you start looking for alternative i even trust the devil the baddest player that never misses a shot on double minded Christians like you especially you.
Have you forgotten so soon that you can not help God to do His work? Have you also forgot that you are a project in God's hands see me see this guy o and he is doing as if he owns his life.
You are a clay in the hands of the potter and you have no right to question Him over His making He does what pleases Him, you don't get?He knows what is best for you dear WAIT.

Some may ask me that but God has given me the vision of my life now but I have not received a go ahead yet anyways I felt like doing something about it and I have started  because there is NO TIME, EXCUSE ME sir or ma, who created time o YOU OR GOD? HE KNOWS THE RIGHT TIME WAIT.

The best thing a man can achieve in life is to have the understanding ��of who God is that's all, then you can know is way and how he works.
Do you really know who is leading you?
Going ahead of God is like leave your torch light behind and deciding to depend on you eyes to walk in the darkness how possible is that?. The torch light is the presence of God that is using God's unfailing eyes to see, it makes you see beyond, you might have lost it find it o No time to check time

If you go ahead of God you will fall into trouble and Start afresh that is the most dangerous thing that can happen to a man.

The end of is thing is better more profitable than the beginning thereof WAIT.

My final note when God is silent WAIT to hear him give you direction before you proceed.
WAIT on Him you will never regret it.

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